Almost Real Prediction Generator

defaults to date (European format) ddmmyy

Waiting for your input.

This app will generate a balance set of numbers that add up to your force value.

(*) An addend is one of the parts of a sum. Ex. 12 + 7 = 19. 12 and 7 are addends, 19 is the sum. (definition)


If you don't know what this is for, don't ask.

Simply enter the desired force number. The addends for the prediction wil be magically generated.

Everytime the app runs, a new unique result is generated. So if you aren't happy with the result, simply tap generate again.

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Almost Real Prediction is an effect/principle by Jack London.

There is another generator written by Tomas Jelinek that you can find here.

This method is used in a lot of effects by many perfomers. I think Marc Paul's Summing Up is the best known at the moment of writing.